Jan 31, 2014
Erich Zeiler-Rausch

Hairdreams-Nano-Rot-10Unlike other common hair extension systems, the fully automatic method does not require any salon after-care and immediately provides instant and perfectly-shaped, flat bondings for faster application. Each bond is perfectly formed even better than how the most experienced hair extension specialist could do it by hand. The application of Laserbeamer NANO Systems is easy and fast to learn for any stylist and implemented without any problems. This allows the stylist to focus more on their hair creations, which is why many stylists refer to ‟Hair Creations“ when it comes to Laserbeamer Nano instead of using the term hair extensions.

Additional advantages of the new method, especially from the viewpoint of the consumer, include outstanding durability and long-lasting wear featuring above average longer wearablility time. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative Nano bonds (unlike current hair extension bondings in the marketplace) there is no more tangling and the time and money spent on hair care and post-care are diminished.

With the new innovative method, clients‘ wishes of more natural-looking longer and fuller hair are achieved with unparalleled ease and perfection winning over both existing hair extension clients and brand new clients who are interested in obtaining longer, more voluminous hair.

Laerbeamer-Nano-how-it-works-6Hairdreams Marketing Manager Thomas Licht: ‟The absolutely natural look and the undetectable feel of the Nano bonds are a real ′quantum leap’ in the world of hair extensions. This has nothing to do with the traditional extensions that were used in the past and that unfortunately can still be found today in the lower end segment. This fact is also confirmed by the stylists with whom we have tested the new system for more than two years. That‘s the reason why the stylists who have used the new system no longer refer to hair extensions, but now call it ‟hair creations“ since they see it as a new, separate service for the salon. The new ‟NANO-Hair Creation Service“ raises the bar over conventional Hair Extension Services and the negative connotations that many stylists and consumers have with it, allowing stylists to attract new potential clients. Hairdreams will support their partner salons with an extensive Marketing and PR campaign for this new service“.

Hair Extensions were yesterday. HAIR CREATIONS ARE TODAY!

You are a stylist and would like to help shape the future with the new LASERBEAMER NANO?