Nano Sticks

Jan 31, 2014
Erich Zeiler-Rausch

Laserbeamer-Nano-how-it-works-NanoSticks_only The defining advantage of this new high tech system features an unparalleled, ideal, natural way in which one‘s own hair can be made longer and fuller using the newly developed Nano-bonds. Thanks to modern precision techniques, these new Nano-bonds are unified, ultra-thin and extremely flat-formed bondings that invisibly disappear into one’s hair. Hence, they are practically undetectable and allow the hair to lay smooth and natural. With this new method, Hairdreams hair seamlessly integrates into one’s own hair for the ultimate invisible transitions for the most natural look and feel.
The integration of the additional amounts of hair sets new benchmarks: it is distinctively faster, perfect and above all, substantially easier as never before. With a push of a button, in just 30 seconds, five of your own hair strands is more than doubled. The patented bonding material offers the world’s smallest bonds with a Crystal Polymer that covers and protects the client’s hair. Each pre-loaded NanoStick features Hairdreams premium real hair, which are available in preset colors with endless possibilities of hair color combinations. In as little as 45 minutes, any hairstyle can be transformed into a long, dream hairstyle.

Hair Extensions were yesterday. HAIR CREATIONS ARE TODAY!

You are a stylist and would like to help shape the future with the new LASERBEAMER NANO?